The Most Convenient Store - Full Set-Up

The Most Convenient Store - Full Set-Up

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When you sell everything we initially provide, you make $248 in revenue. However - there is a good chance that some items sit for a very long time, while others sell more rapidly. We recommend starting slow - inventory is very expensive and we do not take returns on inventory passed 90 days.

We make it easy to get started and making more money, providing better service, ASAP.

How does it look when it's in a car?

Basically - we set it up so that you, the driver, never mentions this. If they ask about it - great! If not - great! (Silent rides are cool, too! I like music :)). The items are stored in the trunk. We also expect only the best drivers to be using this - and expect them to provide complimentary water, mints, and electricity to their riders.


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$248 worth of items included in the starting package! Funjier Drivers can choose to purchase more inventory through us or on their own. We always try to CRUSH prices - but sometimes a local deal is best! 


4 Menus and Menu Holders

1 Cooler. 

Food & Beverage.........

1 Coconut Water

2 Red Bulls (One Regular and One Sugar Free)

2 Boxes of Altoids 

1 5-Hour Energy 

1 Pack of Orbit Gum

1 Bag of Kroger Trail Mix 

4 Various Candy Bars

2 Welch's Fruit Snack Packs 

Freshen Up.........

2 Bath Bombs

1 Lip Balm 

2 Brush-Up Toothbrushes 


1 Battery Pack

1 Lightning Cable

1 Micro USB Cable

1 Set of Headphones 


1 Sunblock 

2 Cheap Sunglasses 

1 Hats


3 Fast-Flats 

1 After-Party Hangover Relief 

1 Box of (3) Condoms 

3 Earplugs