Funjier: Adjective. Definition: A fun way of doing business that recognizes profits is what matters - and they come from happy customers (who tip well!).

Fungible. Adjective. Definition: Mutually interchangeable. Example; Money is fungible - it can be used for multiple uses. Here - a drivers store and items are often fungible. 

We believe in working together to find what the customers want. In Chicago and Seattle, likely an umbrella some days, and sunscreen others. In Las Vegas, sunscreen some days and a red bull, others. If we find those items customers want, we will try to buy them all at mass for a discount for everyone. If a person manufactures an item themselves, we would be happy to discuss. If it is a part of another company (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_multi-level_marketing_companies), we would want to speak directly to that company - thank you for understanding. Join our reddit community to work with everyone for...more money at www.reddit.com/r/funjier.

The founder of this small company wants to help others through commerce. A doer - a thinker - a person with work and meaning - achieves and inspires.