Funjier? Driver's with their own small shop in a RideShare Vehicle.


1) RideShare Drivers Make More Money

2) Passengers Are Offered Premium Service

3) Platform Companies (Uber/Lyft/See Jane Go/ Etc.) prove each person is their own small business and prevent hefty lawsuits.


Easy Set-Up!

Purchase our Starting Set-Up for New Funjier DriverSharers.


Once you have a little experience talking with customers, learning what they like and how your passengers are likely different from those of Las Vegas, you can create your own menu! We are also working on getting an online community together to brainstorm the best experiences (menus) for customers here.

Legal issues:

Some areas will require you to obtain a sales and tax permit. We recommend speaking with a lawyer about everything (and your accountant! I am hopeful that you can write most of this off!!